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Corporate, organisation with turnover greater than $1 billion per annum €10,000.00

Large, organisation with turnover of more than €10 million per annum

Medium, organisation with turnover of less than €10 million per annum OR 50 to 250 employees

Small, organisation with 10 to 50 employees

Start up / Young company / NGO’s

€ 10,000.00


€ 5,000.00

€ 2,000.00
€ 1,000.00
€ 500.00
  • Recognition via Sustainable Marine Alliance website & events and in marketing/promotional materials
  • Support existing investments in sustainability by promoting industry
  • Invitation to SMA networking events and webinars
  • Access to supported project resources
  • Notification of new projects and opportunity for involvement



  • Measure & understand your impact on the ocean
  • Collaborate with other ocean stakeholders to accelerate action for the ocean
  • Invest in industry led projects that reduce our impacts and restore the ocean

As a Partner

We need you and your contributions. Calling all small business, large corporations, governing bodies, NGOs, private donors, and sports professionals who are passionate about sustainability becoming the new norm. Connect with us to learn about our partnership opportunities that will help activate our change makers innovations.

As a Change Maker

Calling all Change Makers who have a sustainable innovation idea and desire to create systematic change across the global marine sector. We want to see your ideas, hear your stories, and consider how the Sustainable Marine Alliance can help activate and advocate them across the community, with you as a partner.

As a contributor

Help us activate change makers’ innovations by volunteering your time and expertise to the Sustainable Marine Alliance. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and passion with our team, we want to hear from you. Reach out to let us know where, how, and when you would be able to help us achieve our mission.