Sustainable Boat Building

Sustainable Boat Building


Objectives of this programme is to bring together leading industry companies and sailing teams to identify opportunities for innovations and to address the key systemic challenges facing the transition to a sustainable future. Our long terms goals are further develop projects that measurable address challenges within the boat building value chain, through an innovation and insetting fund available to SMA members.

Targets for 2024

  • Scale up progress against the co-created industry Roadmap 2030
  • Continue developing the shared industry platform
  • Identify and manage expert working groups to tackle specific systemic issues
  • Host Innovation Workshops

The Ocean Race Legacy

Since 2017 The Ocean Race has hosted 4 workshops on the subject of sustainable boat building. This series has brought together over 80 leading industry companies and teams to identify opportunities for innovation and to address the key systemic challenges facing the transition to a sustainable future. Together the industry has co-created the Industry Roadmap 2030  to advance actions under the pillars of Materials, Waste, Energy & Enablers (Collaboration, LCA, Rules & Sponsor Value). The workshop series has also delivered this report on barriers and enablers as well as this overview document of impact reducing actions that you can take today.

A shared industry knowledge hub 

During the 4th Innovation Workshop in September 2021 – which was held in Lorient in a digital hybrid format to enable international participation – the participants focused in on the need for a shared industry platform for hosting case studies, materials data and best practices, see Kumu graph, and this idea was further developed in a digital check in session in March 2022. As a result The Ocean Race has built this beta platform which is currently undergoing industry review and development.